Days in the battle field
More than one hundred years of war when three territories were separating or uniting in 14th, 15th centuries.
iRyukyu Kingdom established in 1429j

The latter term of Ryukyu Kingdom
(Feudal lord in Shuri)

Chinen Shichanaka
The latter term of Ryukyu Kingdom
(Retainer of the family Soeishi)
(A student of Soeishi sensei)
He was permitted to study and his keenness of mind and attitude was praised.

Abuyaya Yamashiro
(Almost same days of Matsumura Sokon)

Yamani no Chinen
(Almost same days of Itosu Yasutsune)

Yabiku Moden

A student of Yamani No Chinen sensei established a study group "Ryukyu Kobujutsu Kenkyukai"

Sensei Fujita Seiko

Sensei Taira Shinken
A student of Yabiku Moden.
Established the society for
the preservation and promotion
of Ryukyu Kobujutsu
and comprehensively
compiled 42 weapons Kata,
consisting of eight kinds of weapons.
(his real surname is Maezato)

Sensei Konishi Yasuhiro

Gansho (Motokatsu) Inoue

Gansho Inoue sensei studied under guidance of Seiko Fujita sensei.
By order of Seiko Fujita sensei, Gansho Inoue sensei studied Karate from Yasuhiro Konishi sensei
& Housaku Sodeyama sensei (a guest shihan of Konishi dojo) and Ryukyu Kobujutsu from Shinken Taira sensei.
By order of Shinken Taira, Gansho Inoue sensei established
technical training system such as Tsukaikata,
Basic kumite and Bunkai kumite jutsu which consist of 8 kinds of weapons
Gansho Inoue sensei published three hardcover books which involve the 42 traditional weapons kata,
and 8 paperback books which involve Basics and Basic kata of 8 kinds of weapons.

Kisho Inoue

Eldest son of Gansho Inoue. Carrying on Gansho Inoue's will,
devoting his life to preserving and promoting the system as
President of Ryukyu Kobujutsu Hozon Shinko Kai & Yuishinkai